Lease Addendum

At Mizner Storall of Boynton Beach, our customer's safety and security is of utmost importance.  We take pride in providing you with Boynton Beach's premier, gated, secured, 24/7 access storage solution.  Our goal is to serve our community for the long-term by providing convenient storage solutions at reasonable prices.  To help ensure an enjoyable, clean, safe and affordable environment for all tenants and friends of Mizner Storall of Boynton Beach, we have incorporated this addendum into our lease.  A breach of any of the below terms will constitute a breach of the lease agreement; and may result in termination of your tenancy at Mizner Storall of Boynton Beach.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.  Any changes made to this addendum or the lease may be sent to you via email and will take effect immediately.

  1. AUTO PAY– We require all tenants to enroll in monthly, first of month billing via auto pay. We accept all major credit and debit cards as well as ACH. No other forms of rent payment are accepted at this time.
  2. BILLING- Mizner Storall of Boynton Beach won’t send you a monthly invoice unless specifically asked to do so. 
  3. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: It is tenants duty to notify lessor in writing via certified mail sent to lessors mailing address of any change of lesses contact information, including but not limited to mailing address.
  4. COMMERCIAL EQUIPMENT: any storage which uses a fridge, freezer or any type of electric consuming equipment/appliance is subject to a surcharge of up to $100 per appliance per month, at management’s discretion.
  5. ELECTRICAL: Please don’t connect refrigerators, freezers or any other electronic item for more than two (2) hours without landlords consent.  Power supply can be damaged and cause damages not only to your items, but to our facility as well.
  6. EMERGENCY CONTACT & PROCEDURE(S): In the event of an emergency OR a loss of power; the gates at Mizner Storall of Boynton Beach will open at 6am and lock at 6 pm.  After 6pm, they will be chained closed and no access will be granted to tenants. Although situations like this don’t occur often, they do happen, especially during hurricane season.  We make every effort to remain open 24/7; however, for the safety of our tenants and their belongings, we may need to chain lock the gates from time to time.  In the event of an emergency, dial 9-1-1.
  7. FORMS OF PAYMENT: At move in and move out, credit/debit card, certified funds, cash, money order or wire transfer only.  After initial move in personal checks are accepted; however, lessor may at any time require or restrict forms of payment based on your credit and payment history.
  8. GATES: We have 24/7 gate access at Mizner Storall of Boynton Beach for TENANTS.  You are responsible for any damage you or your guests may cause to the gates.  Please don’t tailgate anyone in or out of the gate, as it will likely close on you if you don’t enter your access card/code to enter.  The gates will remain open for approximately 20 seconds and will then close.  Please swiftly exit and/or enter the gate after it opens.
  9. GUEST PARKING– Mizner Storall of Boynton Beach doesn’t have or offer long term guest parking.  Guests of tenants are welcome to park in YOUR designated space when you are using your vehicle/boat/rv and they are accompanying you; however, guests aren’t permitted to park in any other space on our property other than your leased space.
  10. HOLD OVER- Unless ten (30) days prior to the end of the last month of tenancy, or any extension or renewal of this agreement, either party gives the other party notice of their intention to terminate this agreement at the end of the paid term, this agreement shall be construed as a tenancy at sufferance at the rental rate and terms and conditions of the original lease.
  11. INDEMNIFICATION: Tenant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless lessor from and against any and all claims for damages or loss to property or personal injury and costs including, but not limited to, attorneys fees arising from, tenant or any authorized and unauthorized parties use of Mizner Storall of Boynton Beach.
  12. INSURANCE: Lessor carries no insurance which in any way covers any loss whatsoever that tenant may have or claim by renting the storage space or being on or about the facility; and therefore, tenant must obtain any insurance desired at their own discretion.
  13. INTERNET: Basic internet Wi-Fi access is complimentary for guests.  If you are leasing one of our office spaces and would like faster internet, you may purchase your own service from a provider; or pay Mizner Storall of Boynton Beach an additional $200/mo in addition to your rent for dedicated high-speed access to your office space.
  14. ITEMS FOR SALE: Mizner Storall of Boynton Beach may offer other items for sale at different times; however, we almost always have KEYED LOCKS for $30, RFID cards for $50, 24/7 access codes for $100, RFID mini readers for $50.  All items can be purchased inside of our main leasing office, when a manager is on site.
  15. LATE RENT FEES– If your account becomes delinquent for 5 days, you will be assessed a late fee of $50 on midnight of the 5th day.  Further delinquency will result in items being auctioned and sold pursuant to Florida statutes.  Any account 22 or more days late will be assessed a $200 pre-foreclosure fee.
  16. LEASE-All leases are month to month with a minimum initial rental period of 3 months. No prorated refunds will be given at any time.  A 30 day advance notice to terminate a lease agreement AFTER the initial 90 day lease term must be provided in writing or rent will be assessed as usual.
  17. LEGAL: Mizner Storall of Boynton Beach is governed and abides by the laws provided by the Florida Self Storage Facilities Act, Sections 83.801.  By signing a lease with Mizner Storall of Boynton Beach, you agree to these terms as well as the terms of this addendum.
  18. LOOSE OBJECTS-No loose objects shall be left outside at any time. (ex. Tires, wood, pipes, boat covers, buckets, fishing rods, etc). Loose objects can become projectiles during hurricane season, and are a hazard as well as an eyesore to other tenants of Mizner Storall of Boynton Beach, please keep our property clean.
  19. PARKING– Please park in your designated parking space and keep your Mizner Storall of Boynton Beach parking decal on the rear driver side of your boat/trailer/car/camper/rv etc. so that we can identify the item being stored in your space is the correct spot.
  20. PAYMENTS: Payments received after the close of business (5 pm, M-F) will be posted to the next business day.
  21. PARKING SPACE: Your leased space is yours and only yours. Please don’t park or store anyhing in someone else’s space, even temporarily, as tenants come and go throughout the day.  Any item that is found in another tenant’s space is subject to removal and/or being towed.  You are responsible for any costs incurred with moving and/or removing your items or your guests items from another tenant’s, or an unauthorized space.
  22. PEST CONTROL: Tenant is responsible for costs and general maintenance associated with necessary pest control of their unit and/or item(s) stored at Mizner Storall of Boynton Beach.  This includes, but isn’t limited to the removal or treatment of bees, rats, mice, snakes or any nuisance animal which may enter  your property. 
  23. RENT-is due on the first of each month, and is considered late after the sixth of each month.  Landlord reserves the right to refuse partial payment, but if accepted, it doesn’t waive the tenants responsibility to pay any previously accrued rent, late fees, penalties or rent due.
  24. RELOCATION OF ITEM(S): Mizner Storall of Boynton Beach, at management discretion may relocate your item stored on our outdoor storage section at any time, without prior notice.
  25. RENT INCREASES- All leases are month to month, with an initial minimum term of 90 days.  Notice of any rent increases will be sent via email, if you are on auto-pay, your monthly debit amount will also be adjusted accordingly at the time of any increase.  By signing this addendum, you consent to Mizner Storall of Boynton Beach automatically updating your billing amount when and if applicable.
  26. RETURNED/DISPUTED PAYMENT– In the event a payment is rejected/returned by Tenant to Landlord, a returned ACH fee/returned payment fee of $50 per space leased per month will apply.  Late charges are not to be deemed as rent or applicable towards rent.
  27. SAFETY AND STORAGE: Don’t store or use gasoline or any other flammables at Mizner Storall of Boynton Beach. Do not store any dangerous items at Mizner Storall.
  28. SPEED LIMIT: Mizner Storall of Boynton Beach has a 5 mph speed limit anywhere within the facility. Please respect this and use caution when driving within our facility.
  29. SUBLETTING: No subletting of any space is permitted under any circumstances.  If you have someone who wants to take over your space, please  have them come to our leasing office and complete a new lease, we will most likely be able to accommodate them.
  30. TAXES– State and local taxes can change from time to time.  Tenant agrees to pay the tax rate applicable by law at the time at which rent is due.
  31. TERMINATION- Tenant agrees to give 30 days advance written notice of intent to terminate the lease prior to the end of their tenancy.  Failure to provide such advance notice will allow lessor to claim and recover any damages and charges to which lessor may be entitled.  Either party (landlord or tenant) may terminate a lease at any time by providing 30 days advance written notice after initial 3 month term has expired.  After termination of a lease agreement, if lease isn’t renewed and tenant fails or refuses to remove their items from Mizner Storall of Boynton Beach , landlord can remove said items from property, at which point, tenant is responsible for any damages and costs incurred by Landlord in the removal.
  32. TRASH– No dumping oils, flammables, paints, illegal products, tires, fish or meat  in dumpster or garbage can(s) when and if applicable.  All loose trash items must be bagged prior to placing in the dumpster.  The dumpster, if available, isn’t for personal use, so please don’t bring outside trash into our yard to dump it. Please ensure that the lid on the trash is closed at all times, as the dumpster company may impose a $250 fine (plus taxes & fees)  if the lid isn’t closed.  This fine will be billed to whoever over-filled the dumpsters next rent invoice.
  33. USE OF SPACE- Space may not be used as a residence, no overnight guests or occupancy is allowed at any time.  Breach of this will constitute grounds for immediate termination of the lease agreement.
  34. UTILITIES: for all indoor storage (a/c) the electric is included for normal usage only, as is water to all tenants at Mizner Storall of Boynton Beach.  For boat/camper/rv and any outdoor storage, water is available to use at any of our hose locations free of charge.  There is a timer on each hose, limiting usage to 15 minutes.  If you need more time, simply reset the timer.  Electricity is available; however, on a temporary use basis, not for more than 2 hours at a time.  If you plan to run an electrical cord across the pavement or walkway, please tape it down so nobody trips on it.
  35. WEATHER & STORM PREPARATION/SAFETY: In the event of forecasted and/or foreseen dangerous weather conditions, including but not limited to hurricanes, it is your sole responsibility to secure your item(s) at your own expense.  Any items left outside or unsecured may be removed by Mizner Storall of Boynton Beach. Staff if not secured at a minimum of 48 hours after a storm watch is issued by the National Weather Service.